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Feel free, unleash the talents in you

Oluwatoyin Mercy Olojo
Feel free! Love yourself! The role of self-love in truly being free cannot be overemphasized.
It goes beyond the feeling. Man! Woman! When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Do you see only your weaknesses or you can see your strengths too? Do you see just a baby-making factory, a common babysitter, just a breadwinner or you see a nurturer, husbandman, and builder of nations?
Do you see yourself as unworthy or weak? Do you see a trouble maker and gossip or a peacemaker? Do you see your filthy past or your glorious future? It is time to speak who you truly are into existence. This gradually helps you to consciously be who you should be.
You will have to accept yourself before you can have the world accept you. It’s not rocket science, you have to understand a product very well before you can successfully sell the same product to another person except you don’t mind looking silly to people.
You need to permit yourself to be the person God created you to be without apologies or fear. Be unapologetically successful. If Mary was not consecrated enough for the Savior to have come through her, He would have still been born of another virgin.
If she had given excuses to the angel Gabriel when He visited her instead of rejoicing, she might have been replaced. Luke 1:38 says that: “Mary responded, ‘I am the Lord’s servant, May everything you have said about me come true. And then the angel left her”.
If also Elizabeth had allowed strife, she would not have blessed her younger cousin, Mary as in Luke 1:42-45. Realize the power of being you. Understand your uniqueness. You are not just unique for nothing but God’s unique use. Deuteronomy 9:5-6 (KJV) says:
“Not for thy righteousness, or the uprightness of thine heart, dost thou go to possess their land: but for the wickedness of these nations, the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee, and that he may perform the word which the Lord sware unto thy fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Understand, therefore, that the Lord thy God giveth thee not this land to possess it for thy righteousness; for thou art a stiff-necked people”
This shows that even though you are special, you are highly replaceable. This is because you are not chosen. After all, you are perfect but that God should be glorified. If God has shown you a place to function, someone else was most likely meant to be there before you but failed God. Would you also do the same?
Do not let yourself shrink. Society might have relegated you to certain roles as a woman especially as a second in command. However, you choose to understand or believe that, it is imperative to note that whoever you have been called by God to be could have been given to a man if he could do it the same way you can do it.
Refuse to be in the background when you’re designed for the spotlight. Be bold to be you; Love yourself, feel free and follow your purpose. True authenticity is being truly you! Hiding in the shadows of someone else for the sake of validation is tantamount to being fake.
Understand your uniqueness and make sure it portrays and glorifies God.
Does your approach to work and relationship with people point to God’s will? Do people see you and thank God? They won’t thank God for you if you are underutilized; they won’t thank God if you shrink or hide.
Learn to differentiate humility from timidity.
Not rising to responsibility is not being humble. Not fulfilling destiny is not being humble. Wouldn’t you rather die empty?
Commitment and consistency cannot be overemphasized as instruments to being free to be you. True success is being committed to who you were created to be. Avoid distractions! Stay on God’s word, be consistent!
“And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62) KJV
There is never a time to look back. A man once said that if looking back was more important, the side mirrors and rearview mirrors of a vehicle will be bigger than its windshields.
Your future is not behind you.  It is trapped inside of you; unleash it! It is not about claiming sonship in God, it takes self-discovery. Sit down and ask yourself the value of your purpose to you and what it takes to fulfill it! To be truly free is to manifest God without any restrictions.
These are the days of His power and power is mainly reserved for people in authority. What do you exercise authority over? Are you ready to take charge of your territory for Christ?
The extent to which you can be convinced enough and be at liberty to be you is determined by the extent of God’s Spirit you carry. The Holy Spirit convinces, teaches, and guides you as well as encourages you in the Lord. God’s Spirit in you enables you to do the mind of God; to love as God loves, forgive as He does, and be kind to all mankind.
These are not the days of Esther, Deborah, Mary, or Hannah; these are your days and my days. Unfortunately, our time here on earth is limited and is a strong determinant of our place in eternity. Pending when you discover your place, be free to fit into God’s general purpose for mankind which is to bring Glory to Him, witnessing His love to all mankind.
You can’t be too old to make Heaven. You can only be too old to make an impact or to be who you were created to be. Begin now and regain the freedom to be you as to when you were a child!
Toyin, a motivational speaker, lives in Lagos


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President Buhari to commission multi-billion naira Dala Inland dry port Monday –Ahmad Rabiu

The Eyewitness reporter
All is set for the commissioning of the Dala International inland dry port on Monday 31st January 2023 by President Muhammad Buhari at Zawachiki in Kumbotso local government area of Kano state.
The Managing Director of the international inland dry port Ahmad Rabiu, stated this while addressing newsmen on the preparation for the inauguration of the port at its headquarters in Kano.
Ahmad Rabiu, who was joined by the chairman of the inland dry port, Alhaji Abubakar Sahabu Bawuro, said its the first international inland dry port where cargoes will go anywhere in the world from Kano state without follow up to any sea ports across Nigeria.
Ahmad Rabiu told newsmen that the federal government under President Muhammad Buhari has given all the support required for the take-up, noting that they have met the requirement on infrastructure and other critical amenities.
The MD said the stacking area has the capacity of containing 20 thousand units of containers before moving anywhere at any time, noting that the area covers six hectares of land and the management is willing to add more.
According to Ahmad Rabiu, all the requirements needed for clearance by businessmen, and customs duty will be done right from Kano without follow-up to any seaport in Nigeria.
On his part, the chairman of Dala Inland Dry Port, Alhaji Abubakar Sahabu Bawuro said the management of the port is prepared technically, and physically with interested partners and is going to boost businesses in Kano, Nigeria and Africa in general and urged members of the press to partner with the management in ensuring efficiency, emphasizing that the place is not a monument but a business venture.
The chairman said Dala Inland Dry Port is now a solution to the problems brought about by the seaports and they will introduce cargo tracking and door-to-door delivery of goods and services.
He said the success of the inland dry port is a joint venture between the state government, the business community, regulatory agencies and the Federal Government of Nigeria and to make business in Kano and its neighborhood more competitive.
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CRFFN rejects re-appointment bid of ousted Sam Nwakohu

Ousted CRFFN Registrar, Nwakohu
— appoints Uromta as Acting Registrar
—-shops for substantive Registrar.
The Eyewitness reporter
The Council for the Registration of Freight forwarding Practice in Nigeria (CRFFN) has thrown out the re-election bid of the outgoing Registrar of the Council, Sam Nwakohu.
In an emergency meeting of the council Thursday at its Abuja liaison office, the Council appointed Mrs. Chinyere Uromta, the Director of Regulations and Enforcement, as an acting Registrar pending the time a substantive registrar will be appointed.
The decision of the council to reject the reelection bid of the ousted Registrar was based on the recommendations of its ad hoc committee to look into the request of Nwakohu for a second term tenure.
The outgoing registrar, last year, at the December meeting of the council, submitted a letter, requesting to be considered for a second term shot at the lucrative position.
Consequently, the Chairman of the Council, Alhaji Abubakar Tsanni set up an ad-hoc committee, headed by Efeanyi Isikaku, to look into the request of Nwakohu and submit its report in two weeks.
“Following the completion of its assignment and submission of its report, the council, therefore, convened today (Thursday)in Abuja to deliberate on the next line of action to be taken in respect of the committee’s recommendations.
” The AdHoc committee made important recommendations with reference to the provisions of Public Service Rules as well as the council’s Act.
“The committee however, recommended that in order to avoid a vacuum after the expiration of the Registrar’s tenure, the council shall start making arrangements for a handover of the Registrar’s office to the most senior management staff of the council.
“Similarly, the committee also recommended that the Appointment Promotion and Discipline committee of the council be directed to start making preparations for reappointment or appointment of substantive Registrar”  Muftahu Ya’u, the chairman Committee on Media and Publicity of the governing council,  declared in a statement he sent to our reporter.
 “Finally, the council’s chairman soon after the adoption, approval, and ratification of the committee’s recommendations by members of the council directed the followings:
that arrangement for the Registrar’s handover to Mrs. Chinyere Uromta  Director, Regulations and Enforcement on 31st of January 2023.
“That committee on Appointment Promotion and Discipline go ahead to start preparations for reappointment/appointment of a new Registrar” the head of media and publicity of the council concluded.
It could be recalled that soon after Nwakohu made his ambition known to succeed himself as the Registrar of the council, he went on a lobbying spree, trying to woo the council members to buy into his ambition.
But sources close to the council whispered to our reporter that the second term bid of Nwakohu was dead on arrival due to lots of baggage he carries.
“There was no way he could have succeeded in his obnoxious bid to succeed himself.
Firstly, it was a general consensus among the freight forwarding confraternity that Nwakohu failed woefully as the registrar.
“He is incompetent, arrogant and someone not ready to learn,” a highly placed source said.
“Also, several allegations of financial sleaze against him have not been cleared.
“Similarly, the council members were not happy at the way Nwakohu handled the purchase of the CRFFN Abuja liaison office which cost they felt was inflated.
“All these and other uncharitable behavior of the outgoing registrar are enough reasons not to reappoint him as the Council registrar” the source claimed.
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Transportation ministry inaugurates project committee for Ondo, Benin seaports


The Eyewitness reporter
The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, Dr Magdalene Ajani, has inaugurated
a Project Steering Committee for the proposed Ondo Deep & Benin Seaports.
Dr. Magdalene Ajani, while inaugurating the Committee on behalf of the Nigerian government at the ministry’s headquarters in Abuja Wednesday,  stated that the Committee is saddled with providing guidance and direction on the projects.
She also charged the members of the committee to also facilitate necessary permits, clearance & approvals for the projects.
The permanent secretary said it is also the responsibility of the committee to prepare the transaction for the Hon. Minister of Transportation, Alhaji Muazu Sambo, to obtain the approval of tte Federal Executive Council.
She charged them to hit the ground running immediately.
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