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University Don convenes 2021 APAS International Conference

The President, Association for the Promotion of African Studies (APAS), Professor Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu, OSA, has convened the 2021 APAS International Conference with the theme, “African Ideologies And Innovative Trends And Advances: Honoring The Past And Shaping The Future.”
Prof. Kanu, who disclosed this in a statement in Jos, the Plateau State capital on Wednesday, noted that the conference which is going to be virtual, comes up on 25th May 2021, which according to him, is Africa Day; a day instituted by the Organization for African Unity (OAU), now African Union (AU).
He observed that this conference would be bringing together scholars of different academic backgrounds from all over the world to discuss the innovative trends and advances emerging in Africa for greater change and freedom in the people of the continent.
Prof. Kanu,  who is also a Catholic Priest of the Order of Saint Augustine (OSA), pointed out that this collective action of APAS scholars is representative of the shared energy and excitement around Africa’s potential.
He said, “The year 2021 marks the beginning of a promising decade for Africa. In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, the continent continues to be home to seven of the world’s ten fastest-growing economies. Ours is a continent that has continued to give birth to beautiful and inspirational stories in spite of difficult circumstances.
“It is from this background that Prof. Kanu Ikechukwu Anthony, OSA, the President of the Association for the Promotion of African Studies (APAS) convenes the 2021 APAS International Conference on the theme: ‘African Ideologies And Innovative Trends And Advances: Honoring The Past And Shaping The Future.’
“To lead in the discussions at this conference are Professor Izu Marcel Onyeocha, CM, from the Imo State University, Nigeria, who would be giving the Keynote Address and Professor Mahmoud Masaeli from Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada, who would present the Lead Paper. At the heart of the organization of this conference is Dr. Ejikemeuwa J.O. Ndubisi, who is the Secretary of APAS.”
While adding that this conference was inspired by a retinue of questions that had bordered the inquisitive minds of the members of APAS and beyond, he said, “We, therefore, look forward to a great interaction come 25th May 2021 as APAS scholars have taken up the challenge to respond to these fundamental questions through research.”
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Single phase pre- meter now costs N81,975.16k, 3- phase meter N143,836.10k — as FG announces hike in prices

The Eyewitness Reporter
The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has approved an upward price increase in the price of pre-paid electricity meters in the country.

In a circular signed and dated 5 September 2023 by the commission’s Chairman and Commissioner Legal, Licencing and Compliance, Sanusi Garba and Dafe Akpeneye, respectively, it stated that a single phase pre-paid meter would now cost N81,975.16k from the N58,661.69k while three-phase pre-paid meters is increased to N143,836.10k from N109,684.36k.

The circular said the new price was to ensure fair and reasonable pricing of meters to both MAPs and end-user customers.

“Ensure MAP’s ability to recover reasonable costs associated with meter procurement and maintenance while ensuring that their pricing structure allows for a viable return on investment.

” Evaluate the affordability of meter services for consumers, aiming to prevent excessive pricing that could burden end-users.
“Ensure that MAPs are able to provide meters to end-use customers in the prevailing economic realities.”
The hike in meters is despite the periodic increase in the electricity tariffs

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Tinubu savours judicial affirmation of his electoral victory, calls on opposition to come on board to build Nigeria

President Tinubu
The Eyewitness Reporter
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Wednesday welcomed the tribunal verdict which affirmed his victory in the February Presidential Election.
The 5 – man Presidential Elections Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja, dismissed all the grounds of the petitions of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the People Democratic Party(PDP) and Peter Obi of the Labour Party(LP) against the electorial victory of Tinubu in the February Presidential Election.
In his reaction to the court verdict, an elated Tinubu, who is currently on a trip to India, said the court’s affirmation of his election victory shall further renew and energize his focus on delivering his vision of a unified, peaceful and prosperous nation.
In a statement signed by Ajuri Ngelale, the Special Adviser to the President on Media & Publicity,
President Tinubu welcomed the judgment of the Tribunal with an intense sense of solemn responsibility and preparedness to serve all Nigerians, irrespective of all diverse political persuasions, faiths, and tribal identities.
“The President recognizes the diligence, undaunted thoroughness, and professionalism of the five-member bench, led by Justice Haruna Tsammani in interpreting the law”
“The  President affirms that his commitment to the rule of law, and the unhindered discharge of duties by the Tribunal, as witnessed in the panel’s exclusive respect for the merits of the petitions brought forward, further reflects the continuing maturation of Nigeria’s legal system, and the advancement of Africa’s largest democracy at a time when our democratic system of government is under test in other parts of the continent.
“The President believes the Presidential Candidates and Political Parties that have lawfully exercised their rights by participating in the 2023 general elections and the judicial process, which followed, have affirmed Nigeria’s democratic credentials.
“The President urges his valiant challengers to inspire their supporters in the trust that the spirit of patriotism will now and forever be elevated above partisan considerations, manifesting into support for our Government to improve the livelihood of all Nigerians.
“Once more, President Tinubu thanks Nigerians for the mandate given to him to serve our country while promising to meet and exceed their expectations, by the grace of God Almighty, and through very diligent hard work with the team that has been put in place for that sole purpose.
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Sanwoolu flags off distribution of subsidy palliatives to 500,000 vulnerable families in Lagos

The Eyewitness Reporter
As part of the measures to cushion the biting effects of the removal of fuel subsidy by the federal government, the Lagos state government has flagged off the distribution of various food items to vulnerable households in the state.
At the flag-off ceremony in Lagos Sunday, the Governor of the State, Mr Babajide Sanwolu, declared that the gesture was meant to reach and impact 500, 000 vulnerable households in the state.
Amidst the heavy downpour, representatives of various interest groups such as the media, non-government organizations ( NGO), market women, artisans, Persons Living With Disabilities (PLWD) and religious groups gathered on the open group at the governor’s office at Alawusa, Ikeja to witness the ceremonial hand over of food items in jute boxes.
Addressing the gathering, Gov. Sanwolu said the distribution of the raw food items was a direct intervention of the government to ameliorate the sufferings of the people occasioned by the removal of fuel subsidy.
According to him, the food items consist of rice, beans and garri and their distribution is in two categories.
The 50kg of rice, 50kg of beans and 50k garri will be distributed to groups while the second category consists of 10kg of rice, 5kg of beans and 5 kg of garri neatly packaged in jute boxes shall be distributed to vulnerable individuals.
Sanwolu stated that the items would be distributed through different groups and institutions such as NGOs, CDC, CDA, PLWD, religious groups and people under the Lagos state social protection list which is a register of vulnerable people in the state.
The governor also disclosed that the state government has set up a monitoring group consisting of representatives of trade unions, youths, CDC, CDA, PLWD and religious organizations that will drive and monitor the distribution process to ensure transparency and equitable distribution of these items.
He appealed to the committee to ensure that the items trickle down to the people they are meant for.
He warned the members of the committee, especially the religious leaders,  not to hoard nor divert the items, so that their prayers could be answered by God.
“The distribution of the items will be done in phases to avoid congestion in the process.
”About 500,000 vulnerable households would benefit, 2500 micro, small and medium enterprises will be impacted by this gesture ” the governor declared.
He revealed that all the items were sourced from local sellers from public markets at Ojuwoye, Oshodi, Ikorodu and Epe to stimulate the local economy.
Sanwolu also stated that all the government warehouses in the State have been stockpiled with these items.
He, therefore, appealed to people for support and patience in the face of this hardship but promised that government would continue to initiate programmes that would mitigate the challenges.
It would be recalled that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu approved the disbursement of N5 billion to each of the 36 stayes and Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja as part of measures to ameliorate the crushing effects of the removal of fuel subsidy.
Some of the states, including Lagos state, have commenced the distribution of food items as palliatives to vulnerable citizens.
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