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Stakeholder calls out Amaechi to account for millions of Naira in remittances made by freight forwarders under CRFFN.

Segun Musa
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Freight Monitor

Ameachi inaugurates 4th CRFFN board amidst muffled complaints over imposition of principal officers

Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation
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Freight Monitor

Farinto urges Customs brokers to mobilise 5m votes for  presidential candidate who is freight forwarders- friendly

Kayode Farinto, Ag, Pre4sident, ANLCA
Eyewitness reporter
Kayode Farinto, the Acting President of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has enjoined freight forwarders to use their votes to bring in a government that has a passion for the welfare of freight forwarders in Nigeria.
The ANLCA chieftain made this call Monday in his May Day/ Sallah message to the freight forwarders confraternity.
Farinto, who bemoaned the harassment and intimidation the freight forwarders are being subjected to under the outgoing government in terms of multiple charges, levies and extortions, urged the oppressed customs brokers to use their PVCs to bring in a presidential candidate who will end the misery and sufferings of freight forwarders.
Consequently, he asked that the freight forwarders should mobilise at least five million votes in the maritime industry for a presidential candidate among the legion of contenders who will work for the welfare of customs brokers.
“The inconsistency in government policies is an eye-opener and we will enjoin our members to give the over five million votes in the industry to a presidential candidate that will be explicit on how to assist the Freight forwarding profession viz a viz implementation of people’s welfare policies their support and endorsements come 2023.
Farinto said the present government has shown a lack of empathy for the suffering and harassed freight forwarders who are even overburdened with all manner of charges in the face of an economic crunch.
“We won’t allow anyone to fool us like this outgoing government is doing.
“We are gradually losing our profession to foreign domination courtesy of lack of law that will protect indigenous practitioners”, he lamented.
While urging the freight forwarders to brace up for the reintroduction of the revised Vehicles Identification Number (VIN) valuation policy this month, the ANLCA Chief warned them to be on their guard against people who may wish to compromise the process to the detriment of freight forwarders.
“Let me commence by saying that, it is obvious that the NCS will be implementing the VIN VALUATION this month, going by the news filtering around us in the industry and we need to monitor this because people will not want the process to be successful may introduce things outside our agreement into the procedures”
“I have released the agreed procedures on clearance of Standard Chassis vehicles that fall within VIN valuation and Non-Standard chassis vehicles,salvage, and accidented vehicles a few days ago.
 “We need to allow these new changes going by all we go through in the hands of customs various units to clear vehicles in the ports”
He recounted the horrific process of a clearance procedure, especially of vehicles, which he said is laced with extortions by the Customs
 “Even when you take your valuation, many alerts are put on our declarations and it takes the grace of God and difficult conditions to get them out of the ports.
“As if that is not enough, you need to know the numbers of calls we receive from our members delivering these vehicles within and outside the Lagos environment.
“Many customs units will say, your values are compromised, it must be jacked up and many of us are at their mercies pleading that DN should not be issued on already exited vehicles.
“This and many more things are what we believe The VIN valuation will eliminate.
“Many agents have been given forged and mutilated valuation papers by the third parties and are left to suffer the consequences of whatever happens.
“We do not need all this to get our vehicles released and we promise to challenge any command that may want to use the office of monitoring to extort money from our members when this new process commences.
The ANLCA Acting President also promised that the controversial issue of the National Automotive Council (NAC) 15 percent level will be pursued to its logical conclusion through the involvement of the national assembly and the instrumentality of the soon to be inaugurated Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding Practice in Nigeria (CRFFN).
“The issue of 15 percent NAC turn levy will be pursued vigorously immediately after the Sallah break
because we will engage the National Assembly on the need for them to know that, this government is not sensitive to the plight of the masses to have introduced a levy at this period when the economy is in comatose.
” And we will also ensure that the Federal Ministry of Finance is dragged before the people’s representatives on this matter.
“Since the CRFFN governing council may also be inaugurated this week, it will be our first issue to be raised at the plenary which needs urgent national attention.
“All our efforts to eliminate NAC turn levy is being done in collaboration with the motor dealers association”
Farinto however said that before these lofty objectives of the leadership of the freight forwarders could be achieved, the members of the confraternity must be united to achieve their common goal.
“We must however come together to achieve greatness. An injury to one should be an injury to all” he declared.
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Freight Monitor

ANLCA dismisses strike threat at Tin Can port as baseless, by faceless group.

Kayode Farinto, VP, ANLCA

—–says efforts to resolve NAC controversial levy in top gear.

Eyewitness reporter.

The top hierarchy of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has described as baseless the call on freight forwarders to go on strike from Monday to protest the imposition of a 15 percent National Automotive Council (NAC) levy on second-hand vehicles.

One Alhaji Rilwan Amuni, who claimed to be a youth leader of ANLCA at Tin Can Island Port, had circulated a strike notice Friday, asking Customs brokers to brace up for a one-day warning strike on Monday to protest the controversial 15 percent NAC levy.

In a swift reaction, Kayode Farinto, the Acting President of ANLCA, condemned the call for strike and disowned the conveyor of the message.

“The ANLCA is not going on strike on account of the NAC levy. The call for a strike is by a faceless group in the Tin can port and we shall deal with the situation appropriately.

“Who signed the notice? That character is not a member of ANLCA and has no license. Whoever heeds his call for a strike does so at his or her own risk.” the ANLCA chieftain warned

He said the action of the “faceless group” does not enjoy the support of the ANLCA top hierarchy.

In a similar vein, the association said the leadership of the five accredited freight forwarding associations is working in tandem to resolve the controversial NAC levy.

The Secretary-General of the ANLCA, Alhaji Abdulaziz Mukaila, said that the freight forwarders confraternity has decided to engage the Federal Ministry of Finance on the issue.

“When we held a meeting with the Customs last week Wednesday, we found out that the agency was not responsible for the imposition of the levy but the ministry of Finance.

“We have therefore written to the ministry and only got the acknowledgment of our letter Thursday.

“Hopefully, the five accredited freight forwarding associations will hold a meeting with the ministry officials next week,” the ANLCA Chief Scribe told our reporter.

Alhaji Mukaila explained further that the controversy on the Vehicles Identification Number (VIN) valuation policy has been resolved amicably with the Customs.

“At the meeting, we had with the Customs, we were satisfied with the outcome.

“The Customs has agreed to build in 10 percent depreciation level of vehicles before the policy, which is on suspension now, is relaunched”

The ANLCA Chief Scribe further gave details of the meeting.

“There is an extant law that stipulates that you cannot bring in a vehicle above 10 years.

“This age limit has been built into the system as the cut-off year.

“So if anyone brings in a 1970 year car, he should be ready to pay the amount of 2013.

“We agreed to that and the 10 percent depreciation by compound accounting will be applied to give each car 10 years’ depreciation by value.

“That was worked out in our presence and in the process of getting 10 percent. It is ok with us.

“The only thing we asked the Customs to do is to look into how they can build in accident and salvage vehicles so that whoever brings in cars in that category, there would be a way of differentiating those cars in that category from those that are fully-built of the same year.

“The Customs has promised to work on that and invite us back before launching it.

“So far so good”, he declared.

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