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 We shall define who owns ANLCA after Nwabunike’s tenure ends in April 2023—-Prince Ozo Chukwurah

Prince Ozo Chukwurah

The crisis in the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents(ANLCA) has become immutable and intractable, raging for close to four years now.

The protracted crisis, which was sparked off by a power tussle among the elders of the group for the control of the ANLCA,  has done incalculable damage to the association, having been polarised between the two contending gladiators: Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha group and Dr. Taiwo Afolabi-led BOT.

Prince Ozo Felix Chukwurah, who is one of the most visible chieftains of ANLCA and the Vice- Chairman of the association’s BOT, spoke with our reporter in a no-hold-barred interview and made a stunning revelation about the high wired politics among the contending factions and the hair-raising intrigues going on to claim the soul of ANLCA, reputed to be the oldest freight forwarding group in Nigeria.

He also shed light on the controversies on the BOT certificate while unsparing in his response to the personal attacks launched against him by one of the gladiators.  


Q. You and Farinto, the acting President of ANLCA, were said to have gone to Abuja to verify if the certificate of your BOT was truly withdrawn by the CAC.

It was further said, upon finding out the truth that the certificate has been canceled by the CAC, both of you slumped and went into a coma only to be revived by the medical team of the CAC. Could you tell us what really happened?

A.(bursts into derisive laughter)I have never been to Abuja in the last three months. Neither I  and Farinto have been to Abuja together in the last five months.

Unfortunately, it is only Joe Sanni, who is a loafer and their media attack dog that has been spewing incoherent responses to my clarification of their falsehood over the certificate.

Others in the group have maintained a dignified silence. In my clarifications which I made in my first interview, I made clear references with dates, mentioned names of individuals who are living, and even showed proof of the withdrawal of their certificate with a letter from the CAC.

They should refute it.

I also quoted court judgments, with references, the name of the court, dates of the judgment with the names of the Judge who gave the judgments against them.
Let them refute it.

I don’t want to join issues with a loafer called Joe Sanni.

If you don’t know, let me inform you that the first and only car Joe Sanni used in his life was given to him by Prince Ozo Chukwurah, free.
A lemon-colored Hyundai Car.

Anybody in ANLCA who knows the car Joe Sanni is using, I gave it to him. That will show you how close we were.

He once came to me that Prince Olayiwola Shittu, the former President of ANLCA was not doing anything to enhance his life. It was in my house I gave him that car.

After that, we started relating and I was opportuned to meet one of his brothers whom I complained to that Joe Sanni was behaving in an erratic manner in recent times.

That one told me a lot about his behavioural deficiencies.

Since I came to know his behavioral challenges, there was no abuse he could haul at me that will make me get angry.

Q. Sir, let’s quit being personal and address the real issue. What the other group is saying is that the letter which you mentioned that the CAC used to withdraw their certificate has been contested in court and the CAC has withdrawn it.

A. While the rabbit hardly enters the Lion hole is that he saw legs going inside but never saw the ones coming out.
If I showed the letter withdrawing their certificate, the onus of proof is on them to show the public the one restoring the same certificate.
Not for me to showcase it to them.

They should show us the letter, with dates and reference numbers, restoring the certificate.
They should also cite the court judgment with dates, reference numbers, and the Judge who restored their certificate.
All these I did for verification.

That is the most logical thing for them to do in order to disprove my claims, not resorting to incoherent, inconsequential, and banding falsehood as Joe Sanni was doing.

Our own certificate was signed by the same Judge who signed their 2020 certificate before the CAC eventually withdrew it.
Therefore, the judge is still alive.

It is easy for them to write to the Judge that someone has forged his signature and stamp. It would then be possible for the judge to cause my arrest and possible prosecution for forgery.

They know my house, am ready to face the consequences.

I never said their own certificate was fake or forged but at a stage, it was withdrawn.

They were registered January 2020. They were removed, and they became inactive 26th of August, 2022.

The Taiwo Afolabi-led BOT became active in September 2022.

This is the issue I want them to react to, they should prove that am lying.

We all went to the police to meet the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State and the whole document have been submitted to him and the Area Commander, Festac.
And I submitted the document with a letter that the police should investigate if the certificate is fake.

Q. What is your group going to do to stop the other group from parading themselves as the authentic BOT despite the withdrawal of their certificate?

A. ANLCA is an association for voluntary members.

Many of these people fomenting trouble in the association have been sacked in accordance with the constitution of the association. They are not paying the mandatory annual subscriptions, so they are no longer our members.

The truth is that they know they have no standing. We remain the authentic BOT members, recognized under the constitution, for the next four years and there is absolutely nothing they could do about it.

Q. But they are still causing problems in the association.

A. Is Boko Haram not causing problems in Nigeria? Have they taken over Nigeria?
The minority will have their say but the majority will have their way. They are in the minority.

The most intelligent person among their group, in fact, the most intelligent freight forwarder in Nigeria that i recognize is Sir Ernest Elochukwu.
He knows the truth. If he is not saying the truth now, one day he would say it.

I know him and he knows me. We know ourselves and we have a group that is loyal to him.

Why he decided to join the Mustapha group is still a puzzle for some of his loyalists.

Q.Who is in control of the secretariat of ANLCA?

A. For now, the secretariat is a biblical child in the hands of King Solomon.

When we went to the Commissioner of police, he was asking for solutions, if we can do the 4-4-1 reconciliatory arrangement.
I was the one who told the Commissioner of police that we are no longer interested after the collapse of our initial reconciliatory efforts which they jeopardised.

Musthapha’s group is like a rampaging bull in a Chinese shop. The bull in a Chinese shop is for destruction.
In the biblical child in Solomon’s hands, the real and authentic mother is protecting the child while the other woman who is fraudulently claiming the ownership of the child when her own is dead, was saying the child should be divided into two. She preferred the child dead because it doesn’t belong to her.

So for those who have the interest of the association at heart and do not want it dead, we want it protected, but for those who do not have the interest of the association at heart, wanted it to die and many of them were not born when the association was formed.

Q. If this matter is not resolved, don’t you think they will make ANLCA ungovernable for the authentic BOT and NECOM?

A. Yes, they have already made ANLCA ungovernable for Tony Iju Nwabunike and his executives.
But I would not be able to tell you what will happen after the expiration of Nwabunike tenure in April 2023.

That will be when there will be proper clarification of who and who are the authentic BOT of ANLCA.
Our constitution is very clear on this.

If there is a crisis and there is no NECON, who should take over?
Our secretariat is under lock and key because the Mustapha group has no stake and that is what they want.

Q.Do you think there would be a peaceful transition after the expiration of Nwabunike’s tenure in April next year if this crisis is not resolved now?

A. When we get to the bridge, we shall cross it. They are not immuned to the laws of the country. The law will take its course at the appropriate time.
They can go their separate ways while we go our separate ways.

They can answer ANLCA 2 while we answer ANLCA 1.

Q. So you want them to factionalise ANLCA?

A. They have already fictionalised it.

They are answering ANLCA Western Zone but could not factionalise it in the East or North.

It is only in the Western Zone here that Musthapa can come to foment trouble. He dared not try it in the East.

Q. But how long will this destabilisation continue and be condoned?

A. As long as it is within the ambit of the law not to cause violence.
The inordinate struggle for power in ANLCA does not worth the drop of any member of the association.

Q. Are you now saying that the window of reconciliation is now closed after the initial peace move collapsed?

A. They are the ones who asked for a reconciliation in the first instance. Before the peace process ever commenced, they started to bring stringent conditions which eventually make the effort for peace dead on arrival.

Q. What happens if they now offer the hand of fellowship for reconciliation after the collapse of the first move?

A. The way things are now, I can’t see any possibility of reconciliation.

This is because we have made so much efforts at reconciliation which they sabotaged. The last peace move was the one we said they should bring four members, excluding Taiye Oyeniyi, to form a joint BOT.

That is the only one available but they seemed not interested as they were foot-dragging.

Q. Are you going to pardon those who you said were sacked if they show any interest in reconciliation again?

A. Why, Yes, the same process through which they were sacked will be activated for their pardon and reabsorption.

Q.But they said they never recognised their eviction from the association

A.But it is on record. It is still hanging on them. For life, the record is there.

Assuming ANLCA ceases to exist and you want to write the history of the association, that decision to sack them will be recorded for posterity.

Q. From your narratives, are you now foretelling that ANLCA will remain factionalised since you said they could bear the name ANLCA 2 while your group bears ANLCA 1? And you know other associations like NAGAFF have taken advantage of the crisis in ANLCA to wax stronger than the association reputed to be the oldest freight forwarding group in Nigeria.

A.Let me say this, NAGAFF is very powerful and has been able to square it up with ANLCA because of the crisis which did not even start now.
There have been crises intermittently from time to time in ANLCA which led Dr. Aniebonam to pull out from ANLCA to form this formidable association called NAGAFF.

But despite this, ANLCA will continue to exist.

Q. You said the Mustapha group has succeeded in factionalising the Western zone of the association. Does that me there will be two NECOM elections in the Western zone, having conceded the Western zone to them?

A.They have been doing their thing in the Western zone. They have been appointing people. But I am not interested in who they appointed.
They are entitled to their own decisions and actions and what they want.

Q. So they can be running parallel executives without any challenge from the authentic BOT?

A. They are entitled to what they want to do

Q. That means you have already conceded the Western zone to them

A.You are talking about conceding but am talking about legality.

Q. Why am saying this is who do the members defer to, the Mustapa group or your group?

A.That is where the main crux of the issue is. How many of the members believe in them? and how many believe in the authentic BOT?
If we have about 1000 members but about 10 or 20 are pulling us back, does it makes ANLCA collapse?  Nigeria is moving forward, is there peace in Nigeria?  Boko Haram and bandits are terrorizing the people.

Do you think President Buhari like the way these bandits are terrorizing the people? He would do everything within his power to stamp them out.

Q. Are you by any chance regarding the Mustapha group as terrorists of ANLCA?

A. I only make a proverb. I am not linking them to bandits or Boko Haram. I am only telling you that as big as Nigeria is, a few small boys are terrorising us in Nigeria.

Q. Are you then regarding them as dissidents in ANLCA?

A. I don’t, but you did. I told you one of them is my boss who I respect so much. So there is no way I can regard such a referred person as a dissident. Denis Okafor is also my friend. I must choose the right words to describe them. I still have respect for them.

Q. Despite doing what you thought was wrong in the association?

A. They could be making a mistake because they have been provoked by somebody. Not by Prince Ozo. Their provocation came from somewhere
We met the anger on the ground and what we need to do is to calm the anger down. However, every attempt to bring their anger down is not working. But that does not mean I should disrespect them.

Q. Despite all attempts to pacify them, they are still angry. Don’t you think there is more to it than meets the eye?

A. When a man is provoked, there should be a way of pacifying the anger. But if he insists to be angry despite your efforts to pacify him, it will get to a stage when you turn your back on him and ask him to do his worst.

So we are getting to a stage where we turn our back and tell them to kill the association so that it will be on record that they kill ANLCA. That is the stage we are at now, It is not a personal fight. It is only Joe Sanni that is taking it personal, hurling abuses at me.

But as I said earlier, I don’t want to bandy words with a loafer.

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Freight forwarders drag Web Fontaine to Finance minister over incessant breakdown of Customs server

— lament loss of N193m daily to inefficiency of the service provider
The eyewitness reporter
Freight forwarders plying their trade at the Lagos ports have dragged the Web Fontaine, an IT solution provider, to the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Wale Edun, over the incessant breakdown of Customs server.
It should be noted that Web Fontaine is the service provider for the customs automation programme which drives the customs operations, especially its trade portal through which the trading public such as importers, and freight forwarders interface with the customs.
However, the server, that powers this trade portal, has been experiencing incessant system failure which has hobbled clearing procedures at the ports.
Unable to bear the delays and attendant cost implications occasioned by this breakdown, agitated freight forwarders, under the aegis of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), have cried out to the Finance minister for his quick intervention.
Ventilating the agony of the freight forwarders under this circumstance, Alhaji Tanko Ibrahim, the National Coordinator of the 100 percent compliance team of NAGAFF, the anti-corruption arm of the association, in his letter to the minister, complained about the incalculable damage which the frequent server break down has caused freight forwarders in particular and the nation in general.
In the letter dated May 8th, 2024 and copied to relevant government and security agencies, and customs committees in the National Assembly, Tanko bemoaned the trade disruption and huge demurrage occasioned by the breakdown.
According to him, the freight forwarders incur a daily loss of N192m through the payment of mounting demurrages brazenly charged by shipping companies and terminal operators.
“The Honorable sir, we as stakeholders and users of the customs servers are going through a lot in the hands of our teeming customers, shipping companies and terminal operators.
“This is so as the terminal Operators charge the sum of #62,000.00 (sixty-two thousand naira) per day.
“The Shipping companies charge #58,000.00 (fifty-eight thousand naira) per day.
“For instance sir, we have an average of 1,600 containers trapped by the server failure in each of the ports of Apapa, TinCan, PTML and Kirikiri Lighter terminal respectively, with an estimated sum of #192,000,000(One hundred and ninety-two million naira) being lost daily.
“Where this sum is multiplied by more than two thousand containers that are equally denied exit from off dock terminals, due to the server failure/breakdown, the consequential effect is better imagined than experienced.
” This had been a recurring decimal over time with the customs service provider, namely, WEB FONTAINE.
The agonized freight forwarders however advocated for a review of the contract of the service provider in view of the frequent server breakdown.
“Sir, it is now being alleged that a new outfit or new service provider has been appointed to replace the WEB FONTAINE.
“If that is the case, Honorable sir, we respectfully call for a total review of their contract for the circumstance and situation have degenerated to an unbearable state.
“We are taken aback as to why such outfit that has over time manifested gross incompetence is hired and allowed to oversee such critical infrastructure of the Nigeria customs service”
The petitioners called for urgent attention and intervention of the minister in a bid to stave off brewing anger and crisis as agitated freight forwarders are already pushed to the wall and may react any time soon.
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ANLCA crisis festers as Emenike insists on removing elected Airport Chapter Exco

—Bamgbala Adewusi cries for justice
The Eyewitness Reporter 
There seems to be no end to the fresh crisis in the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) triggered by the purported but illegal removal of the elected Executive members of the Murtala Mohammed Airport chapter of the association by Nwekeoji Emenike, the National President of the association.
Rather than defer to the police intervention and counsel to let the status quo remain until all legal matters on the issues are resolved, our reporter gathered that Emenike is bent on carrying out what was described as a coup de grace as he has allegedly ordered the lawyer handling the matter at the court of appeal to hands off the case.
This was despite the self-denial by the ANLCA President that he was not responsible for the purported removal of  Prince BAMGBALA ADEWUSI as Chapter chairman in the Airport chapter.
Chief Emenike has also exonerated himself from the appointment of new chapter Executives at the Murtala Mohammed Airport Cargo Chapter, saying it was the court that made Mr Akindele Pius Tope Chairman, but that the last NECOM had refused to inaugurate him.
To perpetrate his stance on making sure the current Chairman,  Prince BAMGBALA ADEWUSI  vacates the office by fire by force, the ANLCA National President has written to the legal team of D.A. Awosika & Partners to hand off the appeal case pending in the court which the ANLCA BOT has hired to defend.
In over  41 pages of different documents, including court papers sighted by our reporter, the embattled Airport Chairman,  Prince Bamgbala Adewusi and other Executives said though the Police have maintained their stance for the Status quo to remain pending determination of the case in the appeal court, the ANLCA National President is using all antics, including blackmailing the Police to install his alleged stooge.
 In a letter written on 2nd May 2024, addressed to D.A. Awosika  & Partners LLP and attentioned  Barr. D. A. Awosika SAN, received on the 9th May 2024, the National President of ANLCA, Emenike  Nwokeoji has instructed the lawyer to withdraw from a case.
The letter titled ” Instruction to withdraw Suite NO: CA/LAG/CU/1045/23 Pending in Court of Appeal between ANLCA & ORS V. Alhaji Lasisi Fanu Bisiriyu & ORS”
“We refer to the above, furthermore, we wish to instruct you to immediately withdraw the suit which your firm is currently prosecuting at the Court of Appeal on behalf of the Association.
“The defendant therein is the current National Executive Committee of the Association and does not wish to continue the suit.
” From the foregoing, we will be pleased to have the process for the withdrawal of the Appeal expedited. We thank you for your services to our Association”
The letter was signed by both Emenike  Nwokeoji, National President and  Olumide Fakunlu, National Secretary.
The explanation from the above letter is that the National President is asking the lawyer handling the Appeal instituted by the BOT to contest the alleged illegal chapter elections conducted by Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha, where both Alhaji Lasisi Fanu, then at Seme Border and  Akindele Pius Tope,  now allegedly installed by Emenike to become the chapter Chairman of MMAC.
The case which was instituted at Badagry High Court has since gone to the  Appeal Court.
Just like the incumbent Chairman Prince Bamgbala Adewusi and Bola Ashiru case which is in Appeal Court.
Our findings have also revealed that, according to the ANLCA Constitution, the NECOM has no such powers to withdraw a case, except the BOT and in this case, it was the BOT that instituted the case with a stay of execution at the Appeal Court.
Watchers of ANLCA events wondered if these facts are true, then why was the NECOM, led by Emenike Nwokeoji,  was urging the lawyer to withdraw from the case?
Also, commentators queried that if the Tope Akindele case is on Appeal, just as Adewusi case, why was the ANLCA National President bent on installing a candidate that did not go through a legally conducted chapter election in accordance with the ANLCA Constitution? More so when matter is still in Appeal.
In another document sighted by our Reporter, a letter written with the letterhead paper of GREEN STAR LINE LTD, a company  allegedly  owned by Akindele Pius Tope, who
wrote a letter dated 14th September 2021, addressed to the then National President of ANLCA, Iju Tony Nwabunike, reads:
“Ref: suit NO: BD/3134 GCM/2019, I Temitope Pius Akindele  (Managing Director) of the above-named company do hereby exonerate/ withdraw myself from the above suit NO, henceforth.
” I sincerely appreciated the efforts of NECOM by giving me a total pardon at the NEC meeting held on 06th September 2021 where the issue was raised,  at the end of deliberations.
“Now on the apology letter, 39 voted in favour of my apology letter, while none were against my pardon. Glory be to God.
” Furthermore I also reaffirm my commitment with our great association to move forward. Great ANLCA, Great Professionals”.
The letter was signed by Akindele Pius Tope.
Again the understanding of this letter, sources said, was that the same Akindele Pius Tope, who wrote this letter on 14th September 2021, committing himself to have withdrawn from the suit and apologized to the NEC, is the same Tope Akindele that have resurfaced in 2024  to be sworn- in as the Chairman of the MMAC chapter, even though the matter is in Appeal Court.
The election into the Murtala Mohammed Airport Cargo Chapter was held on 15th January 2022 at the Police College, Ikeja Lagos State.
After a series of horse-trading and postponements, the Association Electoral Commission (ASECO), Chairman then, Aloy Anokwuru, now late, has beaten all challenges to conduct the election which was the only chapter remaining.
At the end of the contest, two candidates who contested for the Chairmanship, Prince BAMGBALA ADEWUSI scored 70 Votes, while Alhaji Bola Ashiru scored 49 votes.
Other winners included Davies  Ben Chukwunenye, Vice Chairman, 60 votes, Sylvester Iyamu, Secretary unopposed, Okere Chinedu, Assistant Secretary, unopposed, Lekwauwa Ifeanyi, Treasurer 63 votes, Gbenle  Joseph, Financial Secretary 58 votes and Mmasike Victor, Publicity Secretary 71 votes.
According to the supreme ANLCA Constitution, and practice, their certificates of return must be signed by the ANLCA National President,  BOT Chairman and ASECO Chairman.
In this case, Iju Tony Nwabunike, the then National President signed, Ozo Chukwura Felix signed for BOT Chairman, while late Aloy Anokwuru signed as the ASECO Chairman.
Their tenure as stated in their certificates of returns runs for four (4) years and is to terminate on 14th January 2026.
In a chat with our Reporter on why he is being hunted to vacate the seat as the MMAC chapter Chairman, Adewusi said, ” I don’t know what I have done to them, the National President and NECOM members, my election was conducted by an elected and legitimate NECOM led by Tony Nwabunike, they followed the Constitution of ANLCA and my tenure as stated in my certificate of returns reads four years, which terminate in January 2026.
“Am not afraid of leaving, but you cannot intimidate me and remove me illegally, especially when the matter is in court.
“The police looking at the matter has said let the status quo remains pending the outcome of the case in court.
“But I don’t know why they are desperate not to allow the law to take its full course.
” You can see all the illegal steps they are taking to remove me by fire by force.
“I want all ANLCA members to rise up and defend ANLCA and its Constitution, it is not about Adewusi, it is about ANLCA Constitution, the law and the integrity of ANLCA members “.
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Fresh crisis brews in ANLCA 

Emenike, ANLCA President

—as angry members walk out of NEC meeting over imposition of strange characters on ASECO. 

— aggrieved members may seek redress in court— Ozo Chukwura 

The Eyewitness Reporter 

The fragile peace that has existed in the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) since the eight months administration of Chief Emenike Nwekeoji, the National President of the association, may be ruptured and return the war-weary group to a resurgence of fresh crisis.

Ironically, the unilateral decisions made by Chief Emenike at the recently held National Executive Committee (NEC)meeting of the association have sparked outrage and may return the aggrieved members to the trenches.

It could be recalled that the President of ANLCA, Chief Emenke, had called the NEC meeting of the association on April 26th, 2024 to discuss two matters listed on the agenda, which included the reconstitution of the Association Electoral Committee (ASECO)  after the unceremonious resignation of its Chairman, Chief Alloy Eze and election into the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the association.

However, Prince Ozo Chukwura, the Vice Chairman of the association’s BOT, who was present at the meeting, told our reporter that the NEC meeting was stalemated.

“The meeting was inconclusive. It was stalemated as aggrieved members walked out in anger over the unilateral decision of Emenike to bring in two unqualified members and impose them on ASECO as members against the wish of BOT members and other attendees” Prince Ozo Chukwura disclosed.

According to him, the sign that Emenike had a hidden agenda first emerged when the meeting, which was slated for 1 0’clock didn’t start until around 4: 25 pm as some members, who had gone to have another clandestine meeting elsewhere came in late and briefed the president before the NEC meeting started.

“After a long epistle of a welcome address in which he tried to prepare the minds of those in attendance for his hidden agenda, Emenike announced the names of two strange characters who by no means are not qualified as members of ASECO to join the original six members.”

” We all in unison rejected the choice and objected to the strange practice by Mr. President as the supreme constitution of ANLCA only empowers the BOT members to appoint ASECO members and submit their names to NEC and not NECOM for ratification”

” The BOT derives this power from section 13 of the 2013 constitution of the association.

” We were therefore surprised at the decision of the President to appoint ASECO members.” But Emenike told us he derived his powers to set up ASECO members from section 25 of the 2013 constitution.

“This was where the confusion started because we pointed out to him that the section he relied on only empowers him to “set up” and not to “appoint”.
“We educated him that from time immemorial, it was the BOT that appoints ASECO members and submits to NEC for ratification.
” We also pointed it out to him that the power to “appoint” is more powerful and supersedes the power to ”set up” which he derives from section 25.

” However, he insisted and maintained its position to bring in these two strange characters who he apparently wanted to do his biddings as ASECO members.”Curiously, he wanted to make one of them, one Francis Itua, who clearly did not qualify as his practicing licence is not more than four months as against the stipulated five to 10 years, to become the chairman of the ASECO while the second person, Abayomi Ajibola, whom I didn’t recognize, is slated for the position of Secretary.

“However, in order to give peace a chance, we gave the President option B, which was to retain the former six members without bringing in other persons while he was given the opportunity of appointing the chairman and secretary among them”

” But Emenike rejected this option, insisting on bringing in these two stooges of his to ASECO.
” At this point, the secretary of ANLCA, Mr Olumide Fakanlu, asked the President to overrule the NEC and imposed his stooges on ASECO.
” True to the advice of his Secretary, Emenike pointedly announced that he has overruled NEC and that his decision to bring in his stooges stays.

“This was despite the vehement protest of the Chairman of the Western Zone, Mr Femi Anifowose.” At this point, most attendees, including myself, walked out of the venue of the meeting, surprised at the despotic attitude of the President.

Prince Ozo Chukwura however warned about the impending implosion of the association if the President does not rescind some of his unilateral decisions, including the one he made on the reconstitution of ASECO and his unilateral decision to dissolve the legally constituted Executive Council at Murtala Mohammed Airport chapter of the Association.

” I distance myself from the unilateral decisions of Mr President which to me is a recipe for anarchy and chaos in the association.”If not rescinded, it could lead to a resurgence of litigations by aggrieved members who are at liberty to approach the courts to seek redress” the ANLCA chieftain warned.

Prince Chukwura bemoaned the arrogant attitude of Emenike since he emerged in what he described as highly compromised election as he behaves like a demi-god.

He raised the alarm that the administration of Emenike has jettisoned the role and conditions of peace facilitated by the Customs Consultative Council(CCC)  which helped to broker peace that gave way to the election that brought him in as President.

He revealed that they went as far as reporting the CCC to the CGC.

Goaded by Chief Elochukwu who said that the association has no need for CCC again as they can no longer dictate to them, the Emenike Nwekeoji-led administration has completely desecrated the terms and conditions of the peace deal brokered by the CCC.”

” During the peace arrangement facilitated by the CCC, it was agreed that since the Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha -faction has taken the chairmanship of the BOT, the presidency should be zoned to the Farinto faction.

“But they quickly brought in Emenike from nowhere to contest the election against our candidate and he won.

“The CCC also said that after the NECOM election, the BOT election should be conducted within a month before the chapter elections.
“All these were kept in the breach after Emenike became the President.

“We allow this breach of agreement to slide for peace’s sake.”Also, it was decided that ASECO should be constituted with eight members, four from each faction while the Farinto faction should produce the chairman.

“No sooner did Alloy Anakwuru become the chairman, than he died.

“Our replacement in the person of Emeka Igwe was eventually frustrated to resign.”He was never allowed to work as a series of allegations and accusations were thrown at him until he was forced to resign.

“Now, Emenike and his group wanted to impose their stooges on ASECO, made them chairman and secretary respectively to do their bidding in the BOT and chapter elections coming up.

“This is the bone of contention and a sure way to return the association to the much-avoided crisis” Prince Ozo Chukwura disclosed.” We have overlooked so much of their excesses and desecration of the peace agreement to allow peace to reign.

“During the NECOM election, they doctored and padded the voters register with strange names, including those who do not qualify or have valid licenses and allowed them to vote.
“They went as far as including the Ijora chapter that is dead and brought in people under the dead chapter to vote.

“They allowed people who were not qualified to vote, people who have not contributed anything to the association, they were given a waiver to vote while our people were disenfranchised.”Though we protested, the CCC asked us to give peace a chance and we did.

“But now they want to overreach themselves and reopen the old wounds which we shall revisit if need be” the ANLCA chieftain warned.

He also lamented that all his entreaties to the ANLCA President to reconcile all the aggrieved members were ignored. Prince Ozo Chukwura however advised Emenike and his lieutenants to work towards peace in ANLCA as his current action is capable of flitering away the little gains achieved during the period of fragile peace in the association.

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