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 Interim NECOM members appointed by Taiwo Mustapha are  impostors, have no customs licenses— Babatunde Mukaila

Alhaji Babatunde Mukaila
The eyewitness reporter
The Association of Nigerian  Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has disclaimed four chieftains of the association purportedly appointed by Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha- led factional group of the association.
 In a no-holds-barred interview by Alhaji Babatunde Mukaila, the National Secretary of ANLCA, the four persons appointed by the factional leader of the association into the interim NECOM of the factional group are not known under the supreme constitution of ANLCA because they don’t have valid customs licenses to practise as customs brokers.
They include Pius Ujubuonu, the Acting National President, Adeyinka Jamiu Ishola, the Acting National Vice President, Waheed Badmus, the  Acting Financial Secretary and Francis Ozemede Itua, the Acting National Publicity Secretary (NPS) of the factional group.
Alhaji Babatunde Mukaila further disclosed that the four persons appointed by Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha have no Licenses and that Mustapha who claimed to be a leader in ANLCA should know the association’s constitution, wondering if he was just being mischievous to cause confusion in ANLCA.
As the National Secretary of ANLCA and custodian of a database of the Association, it is no longer news that with the intervention of the CRFFN, your AGM will be holding soon.

 We know this is not the first time you are holding an AGM, but the story outside there seems as this is your first AGM,  can you tell us the criteria and conditions for members to attend this all-important AGM?

Thank you for having me, the constitution of ANLCA irrespective of any version at your disposal, Section (4), under Membership stipulates that members of the association shall be limited to corporate bodies incorporated under the CAMA1990 as amended 2020.

 So,  all our AGM is supposed to be governed by general members, those Companies who are corporate members of ANLCA.
 So is not a new thing as you rightly said,  It is just the company owners that should come forward and participate in the AGM and the representatives of those companies ought to be Directors who must have had, this is the caveat, at least 10% of the shareholding of those companies and at least five years running and whose membership status must as well be five years with ANLCA. I hope that answers your question?

 Besides the ANLCA Constitutional requirements, any other conditions or requirements for members who want to attend the AGM?

In my simple answer, a little while ago, I talked about Section (4) of our constitution, about membership. The other thing, very important is what should follow to register as a member of ANLCA.

 Any member of ANLCA under the same Section (4), Sub-section (3) Registration of members, states that for that purpose of Registration ” A member shall make an application in writing to the ANLCA Headquarters through his chapter within his area of an operation via Executive or Committee set up, shall recommend the applicant to the NECOM.
The applicant is deemed fit and proper person to be admitted as a member. He shall be so admitted”.

 There are fees to be paid and the fee is N10,000, from members, which is the Annual Dues. So that qualifies you if you have a valid License and be up to date financially for you to attend the AGM.

 So if this has been the criteria, what do you think is responsible for the hullabaloo created by the aggrieved faction about the AGM?

I wouldn’t know why?. Because if you are a member of ANLCA, it’s an automatic thing for you to attend the AGM as the Director of your company whose License is valid,  and two who have paid their dues up to date.

I want to believe anybody raising eyebrows, is it that they don’t have a license or they are not financially up to date as members of ANLCA? That will be my straightforward answer.

That brought us to the issue of License. We have been hearing that some people who were appointed by the aggrieved faction as NECOM in acting capacities don’t have licences.

 As the Scribe and custodian of ANLCA documents and data, how true is this? 

Thank you for that your wonderful question. In a situation of crises all over the world, crises of war in that perspective, the first casualty is the truth and ANLCA is not an exception.

 There has been a lot of falsehood, and fake news and to put it in a very straight perspective, I believe some ANLCA members who have served either by errors of commission or omission at the highest level should know better and be conversant with their constitution.
 To answer your question, yes I believe Taiwo Mustapha who has consistently claimed to be whatever he says he is to be abreast with the provisions of the ANLCA Constitution.
 I will go straight to when Mustapha broke in here ( ANLCA National Secretariat) and said he has appointed interim NECOM.
The constitution of ANLCA is very clear under Section ( 4), that members of ANLCA shall be limited by Corporate companies, notwithstanding Sub-section (1) and under Section ( 2).
 It went further to say that no company or firm shall be registered as a member of ANLCA if, Section ( 4), Subsection (2a) does not carry on business in the Shipping and Freight Forwarding (b) if not Licensed by Nigeria  Customs.
 I see it as mischief or lack of knowledge on the part of Taiwo Mustapha to have violated the ANLCA constitution by appointing people who do not have corporate Company Licenses by the Customs to positions at the National level.
So to confirm your allegation, I will run it down for you. Sometimes, I think it was 24th August 2022,  Taiwo Mustapha came into ANLCA National Secretariat and appointed some people who are not owners of Corporate companies and who are not registered to carry out the business of Shipping and Freight Forwarding as enshrined in the ANLCA Constitution into positions of authority.
 I believe Taiwo Mustapha should have known better than to make such grievous mistakes and cause the confusion that we are all seeing now.
Let me say anything I say to you, I will substantiate it. On that faithful day, one Pius Ujubuonu was appointed to the position of Acting National President, what Taiwo Mustapha called “Interim President”.
I want to let you know with facts and figures that in the year 2012 when the data protocol of ANLCA was being perfected and as it was then,  I was the ASECO Chairman.
 And Pius Ujubuonu came to me presenting a License for a corporate Company called MIRACLE VENTURES LTD.
Yes, that License as of the year the data was being processed in 2013, did not exist.
Pius Ujubuonu with ID card No WZ5100000083, the company did not exist.

So in the last ten years, Pius Ujubuonu does not have a license .

In the same vein, when you go to the Tin Can Island Chapter, where you have the list of corporate company members of ANLCA, you will find a company called DEJIDE INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD.

 The company has a gentleman called Jide as Director and principal officer, he employed Adeyinka Jamiu Ishola with staff ID card No WZ 2300000285.
It will interest you to know that four years ago, Mr. Jide passed away and the License has remained moribund.

 This is the same person Taiwo Mustapha appointed as Acting National Vice President of ANLCA.

He did not stop at that, just to cause more confusion in ANLCA, he went further to appoint another person to the position of Acting Financial Secretary of ANLCA.

The gentleman who is equally a clerk of a company called OMO- BOY INTERNATIONAL, a company whose Director is one late Alabi.

 Taiwo Mustapha appointed Gbadamosi  Waheed Badmus as Acting Financial Secretary of ANLCA. That makes three of them.

Another impostor is one Francis Ozemede Itua, who was also appointed by Taiwo Mustapha as Acting  National Publicity Secretary of ANLCA.

 Francis Itua is just a clerk with SEVEN86 IMPEX & ALLIED LIMITED.

This  Company has all its Directors to be Indians. So for Francis Itua to be issuing statements, calling himself, Acting NPS of ANLCA is not only dangerous but is criminal, full of mischiefs for him to be disclaimed so that the general public will know.

 As you are planning for the AGM, what will be your message to your members?

My message is simple, we need to bend backward, we need to move forward, and ANLCA needs to breathe.

All registered Corporate members of ANLCA with valid Licenses should come forward and register for the AGM.

It is the right of all Corporate members of ANLCA.

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ANLCA cracks

Emenike Nwekeoji , ANLCA President
–ASECO chair resigns, cites internal pressure, backbiting, distrust
— insurrection at MMIA chapter as coup against chairman foiled 
The Eyewitness Reporter
Six months after the highly factionalized elections which brought in the duo of Emenike Nwekeoji and Olusegun Oduntan as the National President and Vice President respectively of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) in September 2023, the graveyard peace which heralded the pyrrhic victory seems to have ruptured.
The fragile peace, which was the fallout of the five years of bitter and intractable war that sent the oldest freight forwarding association to a state of inertia, now seems to have given way to distrust, bickering, animosity, suspicion and repressed anger among the top echelon of the association.
To underline the smouldering fresh crisis that has hit the association, Nze Aloy Emeka Igwe, the Chairman of the Association Elections Committee(ASECO )of ANLCA, has resigned his appointment.
In his letter of resignation dated 27th, February 2024 and addressed to the National President, Emenike Nwekeoji, Igwe, in a voice laden with regret and bitterness, cited extraneous influence, backbiting, under current and lack of trust” as the reasons why he called it quit.
“ASECO as presently constituted depicts a divided house due to the extraneous influence and pressure.
” The under current, the backbiting and lack of trust within and without ASECO have caused me to review my membership and chairmanship of the committee.
“I have deeply addressed my thoughts to this, consulted my family, friends and associates and decided that my time with ASECO is irreversibly over.
“There is no energy, no motivation left in me to continue to work under the prevailing regrettable circumstances” Igwe bemoaned.
A few days after the resignation of the highly traumatized ASECO chairman, a coup was played out at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport chapter of the association where one Chief Bola Ashiru Balogun, one of the defeated candidates of the chapter elections staged an unsuccessful coup to unseat the incumbent chairman, Bangbala Adewusi, Monday, March 4th,2024.
In a commando-like style, Chief Bola Balogun came into the Chairman’s office with officers of the Police Force from the Zonal Headquarters, Zone 2, Onikan.
According to an eyewitness account, on the strength of a petition of threat to Life against the Chairman, the Chairman, Chief Adewusi followed them to the Zonal Headquarters
“While the Chairman was away to Zone 2, Chief Bola Balogun allegedly came with hoodlums and area boys to forcefully break into the office of the Chairman and seize power forcefully on the strength of a May 2023 court judgement, which has been appealed and is currently being heard by the Appeal Court”
However, the attempt to unseat Chief Adewusi, who sources said was an unpopular chairman foisted  on the chapter by the cabal in ANLCA, was thwarted by members of the Task Force, led by the CSO, Mr. Maxwell Onyemachi, and other well-meaning members of the chapter loyal to the embattled chairman.
However, the last is yet to be head of the failed coup at the MMIA chapter as a group loyal to Chief Ashiru Balogun has promised to relaunch the attack on the Chairman, Chief Adewusi who they regarded as a puppet of the cabal in the association.
Stakeholders feared that the recent happening in the association may have signaled the slide of ANLCA back to another round of crisis which has ravaged the war-weary group for five years before its graveyard peace that is now shortlived.
The ANLCA President, Emenike Nwekeoji, through the Sectary of the Association, Olumide Fakanlu, “has graciously accepted the resignation letter of the highly embittered ASECO chairman.
In his acceptance letter dated March 1st, 2024 and signed by Fakanlu, the ANLCA President said the letter was received with mixed feelings but nonetheless, it was graciously accepted while wishing Emeka Igwe well in his future endeavours, thus signaling the resumption of hostilities in the acclaimed oldest freight forwarding Association in Nigeria’s maritime industry
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Freight Monitor

CRFFN’s desperate gasp for survival

Mrs Chinyere Uromta, Acting Registrar, CRFFN.

The Eyewitness Reporter

Like a sinking man, the Council for Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria(CRFFN) is currently gasping for breath.

The council, created by the Act of the National Assembly No 16 2007, to regulate and control the practice of freight forwarding in Nigeria, has largely remained ineffective and redundant over the years.

Under its watch, the freight forwarders, its primary constituents, have been subjected to several operational challenges which have crippled their businesses, without the Council raising as much as a finger to stand in the gap for them.

Under the nose of the CRFFN, the shipping companies and terminal operators have turned the hapless freight forwarders into punching bags through arbitrary and frivolous charges.

Under the nose of the Council, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has severally increased the Customs duty exchange rate to the point of suffocating the freight forwarders out of business.

In all of these several challenges, the CRFFN stands arms akimbo, watching as the freight Forwarders are being buffeted from all sides without any glimmer of intervention.

Curiously, these are the same distraught and bruised freight forwarders from whom the Council expects to collect Practitioners Operating fee(POF).

A responsible and responsive Council, which is charged not only with regulating the freight forwarding practice but equally charged with ensuring that the operating environment for the freighters is conducive for thriving businesses, would have been seen fighting for the welfare and well-being of its constituents.

A caring Council should have been seen liaising with the CBN, Federal Ministry of Finance and the Nigeria Customs Service on ways to ensure that the operating environment for the freight forwarders is guaranteed amidst the frequent changes in customs duty exchange rate.

We are not saying the council should or could stop the increase as they are subject to fiscal and monetary policies of the government but at least, the council, through such discussions, interaction and collaboration, would have not only passed the message to the authorities but be seen by the freight forwarders that they have a trusted ally in the council.

Similarly, an effective council should have been seen to have severally engaged the Nigeria Shippers’ Council, which regulates the commercial activities of the terminal operators and shipping companies, over the arbitrary charges of these entities.

But CRFFN, over the years, didn’t do any of these. Rather what its management is concerned about is the collection of POF.

No wonder the Council is not popular among the freight forwarders who regard the body as ineffective and which made them resisted the payment of  POF.

It took the bully and ministerial directive of the erstwhile Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi to coerce the hapless freight forwarders to pay the controversial POF.

That is why we see the current effort of Mrs Chinyere Uromta, the Acting Registrar of the CRFFN and her team to “befriend” the freight forwarding Associations as a desperate bid to make the council survive and remain relevant in the industry it is supposed to regulate and superintendent over.

When last had the council made this kind of  gesture towards its constituency?

But when the Federal government pulled the rug under the council by removing it from its budgetary allocation , that was when the CRFFN suddenly found its subjects as beautiful brides.

It is even more disheartening to note that throughout the engagement of the council with these Associations, how to raise revenue through the enhanced formula of POF collection was what dominated the discussion of the council.

We are not aware where the council, during its tour of its constituents, raised the operational challenges of the freight forwarders such as the indiscriminate and sometimes frivolous charges by the service providers.

Not once did Mrs. Uromta express concern and probably sympathy with the freight forwarders over the frequent adjustment of customs duty exchange rate by the CBN.

Her preoccupation was how can the council remains financially stable following the removal of the CRFFN from the federal government “freebies”

“We are expecting a final meeting that could lead us to collection of POF at the airports because we know that our money is still there.

“We pray that by the support of the Ministry and the cooperation of stakeholders, that meeting will be called any moment from now.

“It was the same meeting the former Minister of Transportation, the same letter that was written to the NPA that facilitated our collection at the seaport, the same letter the Minister had written to the aviation to direct NCAA to initiate that move.

“So, we are looking forward to the fruitfulness of that meeting and when it is done, we solicit for the cooperation of stakeholders because any money realized, part of it will still go back to stakeholders for training and every other challenge that we have in the ports that has to do with our mandate.”

That was Mrs. Uromta discussing how to collect enhance the collection of POF at the seaports and commence its collection at the cargo airport and the border post and the modalities for sharing formula.

Not once did she mention the operational challenges the practitioners are currently facing.

Even if the proposed review of the Act that established the Council eventually sails through ( that might take quite some time) the popularity rating of the Council will not improve if the regulatory body continues to ignore the welfare of the freight forwarders.

The previous Registrars, especially the immediate Registrar, Sam Nwokohu, have done great harm to the psyche of the freight forwarders through his alleged arrogance, high- handedness, and gross financial impropriety which have combined to make the council a pariah among its constituents.

Mrs. Uromta and her team should be more creative and proactive in their approach toward reflating the burst image of the council.

In as much as she has the right to ensure the financial stability and survival of the council, Uromta should not forget that her constituents, the agonised, distraught and highly bruised freight forwarders equally have the right to business stability in an operating environment that would stimulate and sustain their economic survival.

Part of the strategic agenda of the council as contained in its Act includes “to  promote enabling entrepreneurial environment for Freight Forwarding business, thereby creating employment opportunities for teaming Nigeria”

“To embark on rigorous research to enable the Council benchmark Freight Forwarding in Nigeria with international best practices”

“To make the Council an international training hub for Freight Forwarding, logistics and supply chain management”

“To develop a comprehensive Freight Forwarding policy and to re-position the sub-sector”

To what extent has the council fulfilled this mandate since its creation?

The incumbent management of the council should do more to meet some of these mandates rather than its present panicky and desperate measures for survival.

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Freight Monitor

Major industry stakeholders shun ANLCA’s NECOM inauguration

The Eyewitness Reporter 
Apparently pissed off by the protracted crisis that had made the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) a laughing stock in the maritime industry in the last five years, major industry stakeholders stayed away from the inauguration of the new National Executive Council of the association.
The new NECOM, headed by Emenike Nwokeoji, was inaugurated Thursday, November 23rd, 2023 at Marcellina Place on Isaac John Street, Ikeja.
Despite the hyped nature of the event with a vaunted grade A list of invited stakeholders, most of the stakeholders whose names were flaunted at the pre-event press conference shunned the inauguration ceremony.
Top on the list of the invited guest who didn’t honour the invitation was Wale Adeniyi, the Comptroller General of Customs, who was said to have indicated his intention to personally attend.
“Already, the Customs Comptroller General has given us his word that he would be coming personally for the inauguration” the Special Assistant to the ANLCA President on Media, Alhaji Ayokunle Sulaiman, had boasted a few days before the event.
Adeniyi sent ACG Jibo Mohammed, Zonal Coorinator, Zone A, Lagos.
Curiously, none of the heads of the agencies of government in the maritime industry such as the Nigerian Ports Authority(NPA), Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Nigerian Shippers’Council Council, Council of Registered Freight Forwarding Practice in Nigeria (CRFFN) showed up nor sent their representatives.
More instructive was the absence of the CRFFN which is the regulatory agency for the freight forwarding industry to which ANLCA belongs.
The Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Gboyega Oyetola, neither came nor sent a representative.
The mass boycott of the event by the notable industry players was despite the hype to which the organizers had subjected the expected attendance of these critical stakeholders.
“The industry bigwigs, which included the Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Gboyega Oyetola, the Comptroller General of Customs Adewale Adeniyi, the Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Mohamed Bello-Koko, all indicated their interest to attend” Alhaji Ayokunle Sulaiman had further declared before the event.
More instructive is the absence of some of the past Presidents of the Association whose attendance would have further boosted the event.
An eyewitness account has it that apart from three past leaders of ANLCA such as Prince Shittu Olayiwola, Alhaji Innua Mohammed and understandably, Chief Ernest Elochukwu, others stayed away without sending representatives.
This was despite their hyped expected attendance.
“Also, past presidents of ANLCA and past Board of Trustees Chairmen will be in attendance” Alhaji Ayokunle Sulaiman had declared prior to the event.
Most of the terminal operators, who have business nexus with the freight forwarders, were also not keen to attend the hyped event.
Apart from Grimaldi, operators of PTML and ENL, which sent junior representatives, others like PTML, Ports and Cargos, Five Stars Logistics, and Tin Can Island Port terminal all stayed away.
For inexplicable reasons, sister freight forwarding groups, who are among the five registered freight forwarding associations with the CRFFN, also stayed away, except the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) whose President was in attendance.
However, according to eyewitness reports, what the event lacked in attendance of key industry stakeholders, it gained in the massive presence of the ANLCA members who thronged the venue apparently due to long years of being starved of such air of conviviality as a result of the long- drawn crisis in ANLCA.
Stakeholders however believed that the absence of key industry stakeholders at the ANLCA event despite their due invitation and consultation is a sign of delibitating confidence of this important stock in the industry due to the long years of factional war in the association.
They however urged the Emenike Nwokeoji-led executive council to work assiduously in order to restore the fading glory of ANLCA.
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