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Truck operators clamour for return of Presidential Task Team on Apapa gridlock —-say ETO has failed them

Eyewitness reporter
Following the failure of the electronic call-up system of the Nigerian ports Authority (NPA) to address the malignant Apapa traffic gridlock, truck owners across various unions and associations have called on the Federal government to bring back the disbanded Presidential Task Team (PTT) on Apapa gridlock.
The distraught truck owners, who are currently reeling under the agony of resurgent traffic gridlock, lamented that the much-vaunted ETO platform introduced by the NPA has been compromised and riddled with corruption which has made it fail to address the vexed traffic logjam.
They, therefore, appealed to the Federal government to recall Kayode Opeifa- led task team to come to their rescue.
The operators, who spoke with our  Correspondent over the resurgent traffic gridlock, claimed that the traffic was better managed by  PTT  than the so-called managers of ETO.
It would be recalled that the Presidential Task Team, chaired by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo and coordinated by Comrade Kayode Opeifa, was disbanded following series of allegations of corruption after over one year in operation.
The management of Apapa traffic was thereafter automated with the introduction of the ETO platform being driven by the NPA, Lagos State Government, and police.
However, the e- call-up system was effective within the first two weeks of operations before it completely collapsed, leading to the clamour for the return of the disbanded PTT.
The Coordinator, Committee of Maritime Truck Unions and Associations (COMTUA), Olaleye Thompson, bemoaned the harrowing experience of members of the union over the traffic in Apapa after the disbandment of PTT.

He added that as a result of the failure of the e- call-up system and lack of solution in sight, the group has issued a 21- day ultimatum to the government to either fix the problems or the members will embark on industrial action.

The ultimatum lapses on Thursday, 10th June 2021.

Olaleye said members of the group from different unions and associations that make up the body have started approaching the leadership of the union to prevail on the federal government to bring back the Opeifa- led task team.

According to him, the team was already getting it right before it was asked to quit even as he accused the government of not allowing the operators of ETO to learn from the team before it was disbanded.

“Opeifa had a passion for this job and I can say it anywhere. The man was not collecting money from anybody,  that is why anytime I read it in the papers where people are accusing him of corruption, I felt it was not true because people can use your name to do anything but not Opeifa, not Odumosu, not even Suleiman”

“That is why most of the union members come to me and start agitating that we should tell the presidency to bring the President-General task team, that they support it.

“If Government wanted to succeed abinitio, they should have arranged a merger between TTP and outgoing presidential team and allow the presidential team to midwife the operation for like six months,stabilise the system and then withdraw them but there was no link between them.

“There was no synergy between them meanwhile Presidential Task Team had already understood the system, they should have allowed them to show them the way, nurture them and show them the way and all these things we are experiencing would have been a thing of the past because it was Opeifa that suggested that there should be TTP.”

It could also be recalled that the Acting Managing Director of NPA, Mr Mohammed Bello-Koko, had accused the managers of ETO of unbridled extortions, saying there are about 30 extortion toll collection points between Tin can and Apapa ports.

Meanwhile, Olaleye has also condemned the slow pace of work on the port access road, saying the project was taking too long to complete.

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Freight Forwarders applaud Customs over new VIN valuation

—- as reworked policy comes on stream Friday
Eyewitness reporter
In a rare show of satisfaction and mutual agreement, the highly critical freight forwarders have applauded the Nigeria Customs Service over the new Vehicles Identification Number (VIN) valuation policy.
The new vehicle valuation, which was first introduced about two months ago, was greeted with uproar from the freight forwarders who described the policy as inhuman and unrealistic due to the high values it placed on vehicles.
This led to the suspension of the system by the customs authority which thereafter reworked and improved the policy by accommodating the observations and grievances of freight forwarders.
At the second stage of the demonstration and sensitization of stakeholders on the new VIN valuation held at the Apapa Customs command Thursday, the freight Forwarders were full of praises for the customs over the improved valuation system which they all agreed has addressed and accommodated their views.
“This is very good. The new VIN valuation system has accommodated all our observations, even though there is room for improvement.
“It has taken care of the savage vehicles and accidented vehicles, which the first VIN didn’t consider”, Kayode Farinto, the Acting President of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) and one of the most critical voices of the system, said.
Earlier, the Customs Area Controller of Apapa Command, Comptroller Malanta Yusuf, who is the host, enjoined the stakeholders to take full advantage of the automated system which he said would make goods clearance procedure seamless and faster.
While welcoming the stakeholders to the sensitization meeting, Comptroller Yusuf urged them to be compliant with the extant guidelines to enable them to enjoy the benefits of the new system.
He assured them help desk would be created in each of the commands to help resolve the teething problems that are bound to crop up, adding that there would be continuous engagement and improvement on the new valuation policy.
He told the appreciative stakeholders that the VIN valuation policy is irreversible and will be deployed this Friday, May 20th, 2022.
Comptroller Festus Okun, the Customs Area Controller of Ports Terminal Multiservices Limited (PTML) Command said the Customs, through the VIN valuation, has imbibed basic principles of taxation which include predictability, neutrality, simplicity, and efficiency.

Comptroller Kunle Oloyede of Tin Can Island Port,  described VIN as a platform for robust gathering of statistical analysis and data for national economic purposes relying on the template of accuracy that will further integrate NCS with other ministries, departments and agencies.

Comptroller Hammi Swomen of Kirikiri Lighter Terminal Command, who sought more cooperation from all stakeholders, stated that sincere declarations without tampering with relevant information contained in Single Goods Declaration or mismatching information will aid in quicker clearance and seamlessness of the VIN system.

Comptroller Anthony Udenze of the Tariff and Trade Department at Customs headquarters urged vehicle importers and their agents to avoid acts that would delay the process of clearing.

He explained that the process of identifying salvage and accident vehicles under the VIN regime would be very transparent as the declarant would be expected to attach photos showing the accidented vehicles.

He further explained that for vehicles to be treated as accidented, the chassis must be affected by the accident not just by removing fenders, bumpers and headlamps.

However, Farinto called for true declaration and compliance on the part of freight forwarders. w2hivh he said will facilitate their clearance of goods and also made the Customs to introduce more changes such as auto release for used vehicles.

Comptroller Yusuf promised that the issue of auto release of used vehicles, which is not yet accommodated in the new system, will be looked into by the Customs High Command.
The new improved VIN valuation policy has therefore addressed most of the major concerns of stakeholders who said they couldn’t wait to start using the system.
The new system has been given a human face as the assessed values are adjudged as fair and the process transparent by the freight forwarders.
It has also considered the two options of salvage vehicles and accidented vehicles.
It is harmonisation and unification of all the hitherto isolated different values at the commands.
According to Comptroller Udenze, the new VIN valuation considers all the variants and series of all vehicles.
The technological system, which is expected to promote trade facilitation, has also been amended to reflect the reduction in the value of vehicles..

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U.S. picks 56 young Nigerians for Mandela Washington Fellowship

US President, Joe Biden
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Prophet Akinpelu calls  for Southeast presidency

Prophet Oludele Akinpelu,


—condemns  criminal silence of politicians on Deborah’s death

Adebayo Obajemu

Popular prophet, Oludele Akinpelu, the presiding pastor of Living God Freedom Church  Àlagbado, has urged the political class to play by the rules and allow equity and justice to have a foothold, saying that it was time for the political system to allow for the president of Igbo extraction.

He made this call in a press release at the end of his annual 41- day of prayers and fasting.
The popular prophet noted for prophetic utterances which normally come to pass added that for the sake of equity and fairness, the Southeast of the country should be allowed to produce the next president of the country.
” For the sake of equity and justice, I urge all presidential contenders from all parts of the country in all the parties to withdraw for Southeast candidates who will then sort themselves out in the primary.
” A nation can not survive if it is built on injustice, honestly, my heart is with the people of the southeast on the issue of the 2023 presidential ticket.
” And I know I’m not alone in this. Pa Ayo Adebanjo expressed a similar sentiment. That’s the way to go if this country must survive.”
He also condemned politicians for not speaking out in the case of Deborah Samuel, who was murdered by fellow students at the Shehu Shagari College of Education for allegedly making derogatory comments on Prophet Mohammed.

” We must condemn jungle justice, if the lady had done something wrong let the court of competent jurisdiction decides.

“The two religions – Islam and Christianity have respect for the sanctity of human life, so I can’t understand where the murderers got their inspiration.
“Even the respected Sheikh Gumi said as much that Prophet Mohammed was insulted severally but he didn’t do anything harmful to his traducers.
“We must be guided by respect for law in our action.”
 The respected prophet urged the political class to put their house in order and do the needful to take the country out of economic hardship, insecurity, and pervasive poverty that pervade the land, warning that God’s anger is on those bent on sponsoring crises and insecurity in the country.

He  declared that “unless politicians repent and  seek the face of the Lord, sudden punishment awaits them for bringing the country to a shameful low in the eyes of the international community through their ill-thought-out economic policies, greed, self-aggrandizement and lack of concern for the welfare of citizens who entrusted them with power and representation.”

In his message to Nigerians, he urged the people to repent and seek the path of righteous living, adding that the current insecurity situation in the country calls for concerted prayers on the side of both Christians and Moslems.

It could be recalled that last June in his open-air crusade in Ikare Akoko which attracted over five hundred thousand people, he prophesied that the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic would wane in Nigeria from the first quarters of 2023, he also said that unless fervent prayers were offered, a notable religious leader in Nigeria would die in the first quarters of this year. All the prophecies have since come to pass.

He attributed the worsening insecurity in the country to the activity of forces of darkness who are bent on foisting a sinister agenda on the country, cashing in on poverty and illiteracy to recruit an army of jobless illiterates to carry out their agenda.

He blamed the current administration for not doubling down on countermeasures against bandits, wondering why the administration is reluctant to name individuals fingered as sponsors of banditry, but added that divine punishment awaited those sponsoring insecurity which had led to the loss of lives of innocent citizens of the country.

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